Ancient Gate – Empire Beyond Dusk (Review)

Ancient Gate - Empire Beyond DuskAncient Gate are an Argentinian black metal band and this is their second album.

Now here’s an album that really reminds me of the 90s. Yep, this is raw, underground, second wave worship through-and-through, and if you’re a fan of the style that’s no bad thing.

The songs strike a balance between scathing and atmospheric, and there’s good use of variety and dynamics on display. This is despite the fact that this is mainly a fast and aggressive album, which speaks to the fact that these are well-written slices of classic darkness. The band clearly know their way around the genre.

Keyboards are used in places to add extra layers to the music’s atmospheric appeal, and these work well. Blackened melodies are effectively deployed; they’re well-judged and compelling. The grim old-school atmosphere is so strong that you can almost feel the frosted winds. Cold riffs slice across your exposed skin like the touch of winter. The traditionally-delivered screams tear out from the frozen underworld like shards of malice.

Oh yes. Sometimes you just want a hit of underground darkness, and for times like those a record like Empire Beyond Dusk satisfies those cravings very nicely indeed.

If you’re after a black metal album that sounds like a long-lost gem from the 90s, then look no further than this.

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