Reconstructed Torso – Varied (Review)

Reconstructed Torso - VariedThis is the debut album from Russian death metallers Reconstructed Torso.

Reconstructed Torso play a sci-fi themed brand of brutal death metal, and it’s damn good stuff. Despite its underground flavour, Varied offers a lot more to fans of the style than many of the band’s peers.

There are 8 short and mostly* belligerent tracks on Varied, and with a total duration of only 22 minutes, you know from the start that this is going to be a thoroughly punishing experience. And it is, but it also offers a better quality of battery than you might be expecting.

The music is well-written for the style, and delivered with obvious passion. The songs are unleashed on the listener in a relentless barrage of blasting mayhem and mid-paced aggression. Unlike a lot of underground brutal death metal, Reconstructed Torso vary their attack with a few different paces and ideas, and have a better sense of dynamics than many playing the style.

The band perform with technical skill, and I like that the songs have more going on in them then just one-dimensional barbarity. They’ve obviously picked up some tips and tricks from the genre greats regarding texturing their music with choice riffs, jagged instrumental parts, and creative use of heaviness. All of the musicians acquit themselves nicely, but the bass is particularly enjoyable. I also really like the vocals; with two singers the various growls and roars never get stale, and add another level of violent dynamics to the music.

Varied is an unexpected underground gem. It is a high quality, thoroughly enjoyable experience, and should be eagerly sought out by any fan of the style.

Very highly recommended.

* closing track Drifting into Malfunction is an atmospheric industrial piece.

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