Molog – Tri (Review)

Molog - TriMolog are an Australian black metal band and this is their debut album.

Tri offers a relatively brief hit of grim, underground blackness. The raw old-school approach of Molog is endearing and authentic, and has been captured effectively across these 33 minutes.

The songs use melody well to provide the listener with despondent moods and despairing feelings to wallow in. The guitars seem infused with raw melancholy, as if they’ve been dipped in the stuff. These guitars are probably my favourite part of this release, and there are some really good moments strewn across the album’s playing time, demonstrating a good grasp of dark melody and mood.

Molog do their 90s influences justice, taking their favourite parts from the second wave and unleashing them on the listener with classic interpretations. The band’s melodic approach to this suits them, and this is an album that’s quite easy to get along with if you’ve a taste for the underground darkness of the style.

Molog operate on a no-frills basis, and the songs on Tri are gratifying and do exactly what you would want them to do, without outstaying their welcome. Make sure you give this a listen.

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