Exaugurate – Chasm of Rapturous Delirium (Review)

Exaugurate - Chasm of Rapturous DeliriumThis is the debut EP from US death metallers Exaugurate.

Featuring the drummer of Cemetery Filth, Chasm of Rapturous Delirium features 20 minutes of hostile death metal.

These four songs are brutally vicious affairs, channelling their savagery into music that bites, rips, and tears ferociously. Each of the tracks is well-written, showing a good knowledge of this sort of death metal’s strengths, and how to use them.

Amidst the carnage, macabre atmosphere is used in places; the band may be brutal, but they know how to write top-tier death metal, and know that brutality is not always enough. Some of the leads deployed are devastating, and occasionally an emotive melody appears, especially so when the band choose to slow down.

I must also note the growled vocals, as these are exceptional, it must be said. They’re truly monstrous, and have a violently harsh edge that’s unusual in its potency.

Chasm of Rapturous Delirium hits like a truck full of hammers. This is elite death metal, and fans of the style need to get to grips with what this EP has to offer. I really hope its just a taste of more to come, because already Exaugurate have proven themselves capable and worthy of the big leagues.

Essential death metal listening.

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