Dim Lords – Last World, Dead Universe (Review)

Dim Lords - Last World, Dead UniverseThis is the debut release by Dim Lords, an anonymous black metal band.

With very little information about this band, (that I could find), other than what’s available from the below Bandcamp page, we’re left to simply absorb the 19 minutes of material we are confronted by on Last World, Dead Universe.

As you can probably tell from the above, this is not a pleasant listen. These 5 tracks contain barbed and twisted black metal that’s been warped and mutated into something else, something other. Various moods and paces are strangled to death across the playing time, and there’s a punk influence that can be discerned occasionally.

The music is dense and busy, with grim melodies and rancid riffs infecting the songs like cancers. Dim Lords effortlessly portray an aura of wrongness and strangeness as they ply their necrotic trade. This is not the work of an atmospheric black metal band, however; Dim Lords work their magic through visceral aggression and mystical foulness.

It’s impressive what the band manage to achieve with this EP. Few are the bands that can capably produce such immersive horror in such relatively short songs. There’s a tension here between outright aggression and atmospheric substance that’s reconciled, somehow, through sheer force of the band’s will.

Terrifying and effective. This is proper underground nastiness, and you don’t want to miss out on it.

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