Mazzeri – Mazzeri (Review)

Mazzeri - MazzeriMazzeri are a French doom metal band and this is their debut album.

Mazzeri contains four tracks, with a total duration of 48 minutes. It’s a release that contains many surprises, and contains many wonders.

The music takes influence from epic doom metal and combines this with elements of progressive/post-rock and heavy metal, creating an avant-garde progressive doom monster that doesn’t really sound like I’ve probably made it sound here. The songs are atmospheric and emotive, as well as being weighty and dense. Each track walks its own path, while also paying attention to what the others are doing so as to not get lost in a haze of psychedelic wanderings. It’s a lot to take in, and multiple sittings is advised to truly get to know the very personable material that the band have produced.

This is a psychedelic and wide-ranging take on the above-mentioned styles, one which feels like a strange hybrid between older progressive influences and more contemporary experimentally heavy doom. When listening to this I feel like I’m listening simultaneously to a lost 70s progressive rock concept album as well as an exploratory modern doom one. It shouldn’t work, but it does quite wonderfully. It certainly won’t appeal to everyone, but equally it certainly appeals to me.

Intricate and involved, accomplished and compelling, Mazzeri have crafted an impressive journey for the listener to embark on.

Very highly recommended.

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