Vader – Solitude in Madness (Review)

Vader - Solitude in MadnessVader are a Polish death metal band and this is their sixteenth album.

I always enjoy a bit of Vader. This veteran band have been banging out reliable death metal for decades now, and show no signs of letting up. Solitude in Madness is another 30 minutes of such, and it’s easy to enjoy if you like your death metal fast, brief, and laced with thrash.

Vader demolish with furious blasting brutality and crushing groove, just like they always do. There’s no surprises here, and you wouldn’t really expect or want there to be, just high quality thoroughly enjoyable metal. Each Vader album has its own personality and style, however; Solitude in Madness finds Vader channelling their destructive death metal aspects more than some of their other releases. The thrash is still here, just subservient to death metal’s iron will.

These songs are highly aggressive and delivered with blistering skill and passion. With most tracks not even hitting three minutes, and none breaching four, this is an album of unsubtle-yet-accessible death metal anthems, trimmed of all filler and lean and mean. Well-written and catchy, each track is a winner. There’s no messing around here; Vader get in, cause a massive amount of damage, and then get out. Done.

As one of the most long-running and consistent bands in extreme metal, Vader are kings among their peers, and never let the side down. Solitude in Madness is effortlessly enjoyable, and a great addition to their huge discography.

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