Golden Light – Sacred Colour of the Source of Light (Review)

Golden Light - Sacred Colour of the Source of LightThis is the debut album from Golden Light, a black metal band from the US.

Although a new project, featuring the artists behind bands such as Njiqahdda and Crown of Asteria, this is black metal delivered by people that know what they’re doing.

Across 33 minutes and four tracks Sacred Colour of the Source of Light sends the listener into a world of expressive black metal, wide-ranging and full of shadowy delights. Lo-fi rawness augmented with atmospheric accoutrements is the way of Golden Light. The band build their blackened soundscapes on foundations of abyssal auras and solemn emotion, using this to craft structures of esoteric black metal that speak of other worlds.

The music is well-constructed and atmospheric. Golden Light seem to take a second wave influence and expand it, delivering blackened psychedelia and textured darkness via songs that stand out for their layered delivery and character. The songs are enhanced with synths and influences from dark ambient and drone. I like the band’s occasional juxtaposition of blasting fury and lonesome guitar plucking, which is well-judged enough to work effectively, and something not overly relied upon. I also like that the bass can be heard, providing a valuable contribution.

Sacred Colour of the Source of Light is an immersive and enjoyable piece of work, and has plenty for fans of underground black metal to explore at length.

A recommended listen.

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