Neorhythm – Terrastory (Review)

Neorhythm - TerrastoryNeorhythm are a Russian metal band and this is their second album.

Here we have 45 minutes of progressive metal that takes elements of groove, technical, and death metal into its make-up. The band know how to handle the style, and Terrastory is effortless to digest and enjoy.

An album of depth and breadth, Neorhythm’s progressive metal framework takes in influences old and new, from Pantera to Gojira to Mnemic to Meshuggah, in its journey across these 11 tracks. The songs are well-written and the band clearly have skill when it comes to this sort of music. Tight rhythms and sharp grooves litter the album everywhere you look. These songs are very easy to move to, providing ample opportunity and motivation to embrace the band’s big riffs and bold concept-based vision.

This is one of those albums that certainly has enough instant appeal to please, but definitely grows and improves over time with multiple spins. Give these songs the time and they’ll worm their way into your consciousness before you even realise. They’re surprisingly catchy and memorable, but sometimes in subtle or slow-burning ways. Having said that, however, it should also be reinforced that there’s also more than enough to hit the listener hard on first listen too.

Neorhythm have produced an enjoyable and worthy album of heavy music. Make sure you give this some of your attention.

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