Hyborian – Volume II (Review)

Hyborian - Volume IIHyborian are a stoner metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Hyborian’s first album Vol. 1 was infectious and moreish, and made a strong impression. Volume II continues with Hyborian’s hyper-palatable style, providing 40 minutes of anthemic tunes that are near-impossible to dislike.

And why would you want to? Fully-formed and concisely-delivered, there’s a lot to enjoy on Volume II. The band have grown into their style even further on these new songs too.

Mixing elements of stoner and sludge rock and metal into a firm base that’s rooted in the always reliable timeless standards of heavy and thrash metal, Hyborian’s new release is easily digested and effortlessly enjoyed. With the type of solid songwriting that wears its influences on its sleeves, (Mastodon, Baroness, Red Fang, High on Fire, etc.), Volume II produces something of worth, where other ostensibly similar releases would merely plagiarise.

The band’s dual vocal approach continues to pay off handsomely, as does their ability to write songs that provide both instant-appeal and longevity. Riff-friendly, and packed with catchy hooks and memorable choruses, this is a collection of songs that wants you back as soon as it has finished. Resistance is futile, and soon you’ll find yourself reaching for its enticing charms once more.

Very highly recommended.

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