Ilienses Tree – Till Autumn Comes (Review)

Ilienses Tree - Till Autumn ComesIlienses Tree are an Italian death/doom metal band and this is their debut album.

After really enjoying 2017’s Edda, it’s good to now have a full length from Ilienses Tree.

In some ways you could describe Ilienses Tree’s sound as blackened death/doom, but that would probably give the wrong impression, despite being a reasonably good place to start. More accurately, Ilienses Tree’s music is rooted in old-school death/doom, (Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride), combined with a European flavour, (Katatonia, Amorphis), while also incorporating elements of black metal. The entire tasty recipe is then updated with a modern approach, (but not overly so), resulting in an album that walks paths both old and new.

The songs are mournful and compelling, and make good use of expressive melody to weave a tale of woe. The various death/doom/black influences make themselves felt in differing ratios across the album, sometimes favouring one or another as the songs unfold.

The singer ranges between piercing screams and bellowing roars, with much in between. He gives a good performance, and like the music, has a more diverse delivery than that of your standard death/doom vocalist.

Till Autumn Comes takes influences from multiple eras and styles to produce an engrossing album that may be ultimately a death/doom release, but contains a few different aspects that allows it to stand out from the crowds.

A recommended listen.

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