Schizogen – Spawn of Almighty Essence (Review)

Schizogen - Spawn of Almighty EssenceSchizogen are a death metal band from Ukraine, and this is their second album.

Schizogen specialise in precisely executed brutal death metal. Spawn of Almighty Essence contains 39 minutes of ultra-brutality, replete with thick blast beats, fierce guitars, and murderous growls.

When not tearing things up at speed, (of which there is much, and very well-done), the band offer up mid-paced heaviness that either recalls a Morbid Angel/Immolation-esque mix of unusual riffs, delivers monstrous crushing grooves, or demolishes with ferocious slamming intensity. Little moments of macabre atmosphere pepper the release too, in blink-and-you’ll-miss them inclusions that serve to only add to the pandemonium that Schizogen create. Subtle melody is also used rarely, as are splashes of lively, less-subtle bass guitar.

All of these ingredients work well in the songs to add a, (relative), amount of variety into the belligerent mix, making the album more listenable than it would otherwise have been without them. Taken together, Schizogen have smashed together an album that has a lot more character and personality than that of many bands playing in this style. It might not be immediately apparent that this is the case, however; Spawn of Almighty Essence is an unfriendly monster of an album that initially probably seems no different to many others. You have to get to know it, but when you do, its barbaric charms are obvious and many.

Spawn of Almighty Essence is a very strong, enjoyable, and satisfying slab of brutality. Very highly recommended.

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