Atavisma/Void Rot – Split (Review)

Atavisma Void Rot - SplitAtavisma and Void Rot are both death/doom bands, the former from France and the latter from the US.

I do so enjoy a good split, and this is exactly one such release. We start off with Atavisma, who offer 3 tracks lasting 15 minutes.

Atavisma combine grim death metal with equally foul doom influences, resulting in songs that slither and drag themselves out of the speakers as much as they rage and tear. Even when playing blistering blast beats the band somehow still give the impression of crawling along on all fours, stalking prey like some form of cosmic predator. Dissonant and atmospheric elements war with a barely restrained need to cause damage and chaos. The resulting strain makes for music that feels tense and mood-driven, as well as brutal and forthright.

This is my first encounter with the band, and their nuanced and atypical take on death/doom is refreshing and compelling.

Void Rot I’ve met before on their debut EP Consumed by Oblivion, so their half of the split I have been looking forward to. Containing 3 tracks at 16 minutes in length, Void Rot’s side complements Atavisma’s in both length, structure, and tone.

Void Rot’s music is slow, malevolent death metal that’s bleakly atmospheric in its appropriation of doom darkness. Ostensibly similar to Atavisma, yet with a more traditional approach, these three songs are crushing in their heaviness, and macabre and sinister in mood. The band’s malignant guitars are especially satisfying, and these are frequent highlights of the tracks. There are some thunderous doom sections, alongside the more death metal-based parts, and both mix and merge (un)naturally.

This is only the band’s second release, but Void Rot continue to impress.

A very, very strong split. Both bands are firing on all cylinders, and this release should be high on your purchase list if you’re into cavernous, ugly death/doom.

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