In Obscurity Revealed – Glorious Impurity (Review)

In Obscurity Revealed - Glorious ImpurityIn Obscurity Revealed are a blackened death metal band from Mexico and this is their debut album.

After thoroughly enjoying the all-too-brief Grim Fumes of Revelation in 2016, I’ve been looking forward to hearing more material from this band. Apparently I’m late to the party, however, as this album originally saw the light of day at the end of 2018. Still, it’s been worth the wait.

The music is blackened death metal that’s gritty and dark. Having learned some tricks from the black metal school of grimness, the death metal assault of the songs is spiky and unfriendly. There’s a thrash metal influence too, which helps power some of the riffs with an urgent, vital feeling. Blackened melodies are used well, vying for space amidst the furious riffs and pummelling drums.

Slightly less refined and more primitive than the band’s work was on their 2016 EP, Glorious Impurity is savage and feral, while also having occasional moments of atmosphere that layer the nastiness of the music like a foreboding pestilential gloom. The songs are well-written and show an understanding for how to combine death and black metal, (with some blackened thrash), into violent slices of music that will carve you up and rip your arms off as soon as look at you.

Glorious Impurity provides 37 minutes of gnarled, ugly entertainment. It won’t be for everyone, but if you’re a connoisseur of the underground, then it’s packed with the sort of gems that should appeal strongly.

Very highly recommended.

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