Evadne – Dethroned of Our Souls (Review)

Evadne - Dethroned of Our SoulsEvadne are a Spanish melodic death/doom band, and this is their latest release.

This is a compilation album featuring tracks taken from various sources. Across the album we get remixed/remastered songs, cover versions, live tracks, and the band’s original demo. All told, this is 66 minutes of doom collected under some pretty striking album art.

Evadne work with the old-school doom template, and do plenty of good things with it. The band’s music is melodic and atmospheric, rich in keyboards and mood-enhanced presence. The songs are well-written, and they balance heaviness and atmosphere well. You can see the progression that has been made by the band from their earlier days to the more recent work here. You can also see just how talented Evadne clearly were when they debuted on their 2004 demo – they obviously knew what they were doing with the style very early on.

I really like the singer’s voice, especially his guttural death growls. Other styles appear here and there, as do some guest singers, but it’s the main growls that really hit the spot for me, especially on the newer material.

This has been my first exposure to Evadne, and I’ve liked what I’ve heard. Check this release out and see what you think.

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