Alunah – Violet Hour (Review)

Alunah - Violet HourThis is the fifth album from UK doom metal/rock band Alunah.

Having enjoyed 2017’s Solennial, the band have now returned with a new lineup, (including a new singer/guitarist, and the bassist of Diamond Head on second guitar).

Organic and warm, each of the eight songs here has its own personality and character, all wrapped up in the band’s chosen overarching style. Ranging from kicking out the jams to delivering great melodic beauty, the album offers many gems across its 43-minute playing time. The music is groove-based and filled with doom metal vibes, and to a lesser extent stoner ones too. A heart of hard rock sits at the centre of the music, as well as a flicker of blues in some of the guitars. This is then draped in classic doom metal tropes.

Full of juicy riffs and catchy hooks, the songs are easily digested and very moreish. Highly melodic, without sacrificing riff-based heft, this is an album that’s a rewarding listen and instantly satisfying. It’s a very well-written piece of work, and a great deal of love and care has obviously one into the making of these songs.

The new singer delivers an impressive, impassioned performance. Her voice acts as a focal point in the songs, and her vocals are rich, luscious, and commanding. She’s a very positive highlight on this album, that’s for sure, although this shouldn’t detract from the quality of the music itself.

Taken as a whole, Violet Hour is a very strong release, and the best I’ve heard from Alunah so far. Very highly recommended.

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