Mutilate – Contagium (Review)

Mutilate - ContagiumThis is the second album from US death metallers Mutilate.

Mutilate seem to be pumping out music like nobody’s business. 2018 brought us both Tormentium and All Life Ends, and now we have a new album containing a further 37 minutes of primitive and ugly death metal.

This is old-school death metal that sounds like it could have been directly teleported out of the 80s. With foul riffs and an evil attitude, the songs on this album rip and tear through the extreme metal underground like hideously disfigured predators that are so terrifying nothing else dare stand against them.

The band know how to write riffs, and know how to combine these into songs that do more than just brutalise or terrorise. This is music that’s surprisingly catchy, and Mutilate adhere to the old-school formula of prioritising songs over anything else. There’s macabre atmosphere too, however, allowing the band to strike the right balance between instant-appeal metallic might and a longer lasting depth.

Well, it’s another strong release from this very enjoyable band. I like Mutilate very much. Do you?

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