Mutilate – Tormentium (Review)

MutilateMutilate are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

After enjoying All Life Ends so much I simply had to hear Tormentium. Another 38 minutes of old-school death metal that sounds so authentically 80s it could have been buried in a tomb until now? Count me in.

A word of warning should be sounded here, of course; this is not music for the casual death metal fan, as Mutilate sound so atavistic and morbid that they will surely scare off many potential listeners due to how authentically old-school they are. This is music for people that wish to return to the 80s, and in Mutilate they have found a willing vessel to transport them back to the days when the style was just being birthed, screaming and raw.

The album sounds like it actually was recorded in the 80s, and the vocalist sounds as if he’s the parent of all cookie monsters. This is how authentically-delivered Tormentium is.

Ugly, gnarly, and definitely unfriendly, Mutilate bring the rot and terror across ten tracks of primitive death metal. The band know their source material well, and these songs are very effective at what they do. It’s easy to get caught up in their infectious delivery, and these tracks are vile and disgusting in all of the right ways.

Elements of pseudo-thrash and black metal can be heard in places too, but overall this is one huge hymn to the origins of the venerable Metal of Death. There’s no frills, no nonsense, just pure death metal of an ancient pedigree.

If you have a taste for this kind of thing, then Mutilate are a band you should definitely check out. Tormentium is a well-crafted 80s death metal album that’s somehow managed to stay hidden all of these decades until it has now been unearthed.

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