Mutilate – All Life Ends (Review)

MutilateMutilate are a US death metal band and this is their latest EP.

Here we have 11 minutes of underground, old-school death metal. Take care people, as this is a fetid, putrid one.

In a lazy move, I’m going to quote directly from part of the press blurb, as I couldn’t put it better myself – “If uninformed otherwise, one could be forgiven for thinking ‘All Life Ends’ is the unearthed recordings of an obscure 80’s death metal act, salvaged from a label less and dust covered cassette, exhumed decades after initially being recorded.”

Yes, this is primitive and atavistic in all of the right ways. The band know how to write a good riff, and the music makes a favourable impression. In some ways it’s the singer that stands out here for me, as his voice sounds so inhumanly monstrously disgusting it’s very notable.

The music has a very enjoyable mid-paced stomp to it, with tasty riffs and thick grooves. The band aren’t afraid of adding in some speed either, and despite the relatively brief nature of this release, it’s a very satisfying one.

Riddled with mould, infected with pox, and riven with disease, All Life Ends is aptly named, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing the band down at all. I’m sure their eventual zombification will only mean that their tunes become even more gnarled, rotten, and twisted.

Frill-free and utterly vile, this is as authentically old-school as it gets. Make sure you check out this sickening release before it decays away completely.

2 thoughts on “Mutilate – All Life Ends (Review)

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