Nibiru – Salbrox (Review)

Nibiru - SalbroxThis is the fifth album from Italian doom band Nibiru.

This is occult, ritualistic doom, drawing elements of black metal, sludge, drone, noise, and psychedelia into itself and crushing it down into a super dense material that’s used to fashion the imposing tracks on Salbrox.

Salbrox is quite experimental and unorthodox in places, and I would imagine could be quite intimidating and off-putting to the uninitiated.

I have a well-documented dislike of spoken word, (even when it’s in Enochian and well-performed, as it is here, and I suppose it’s more of a ritualistic chanting than spoken word, but you get the idea), so this kind of mars the lengthy first track for me, (which would be great as a purely instrumental piece). Apart from this, however, the rest of the songs are quite engrossing, and most of the vocals are quite terrifying and inhuman.

This is the kind of album that you can lose yourself in, with its hypnotic percussion, otherworldly atmosphere, and droning repetition. Punctuated by harsh, guttural vocalisations, the tracks feel like a ceremonial nightmare given form and substance. Think an apocalyptic mix of Neurosis, Bong, Blut Aus Nord, and a variety of other, more experimental sounds for a rough idea; Salbrox is entirely its own beast though.

Salbrox is definitely an album that falls into the acquired taste category, so I advise you to give this a listen to see if it’s something that you can tolerate. If you can, there’s lots to become absorbed in here.

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