Drawn into Descent – The Endless Endeavour (Review)

Drawn into Descent - The Endless EndeavourDrawn into Descent are a black metal band from Belgium and this is their second album.

Drawn into Descent play atmospheric black metal with blackgaze, post-rock, and depressive black metal qualities. I first encountered the band on their 2015 self-titled debut, which was an album that grew into my thoughts over time, forcing me to return to it over and over again through the years.

My first feelings about The Endless Endeavour were very positive, and repeated spins seals the impression that this new material would prove to be as equally compelling over time. It’s a very strong collection of tracks indeed.

It seems that the band haven’t been idle since their debut album. The songs on The Endless Endeavour reveal a band that have built on the strengths of their first release and forged these into music that plays to these strengths very well. The songs are longer, (on average), and have an even greater range of dark emotive moods and atmospheres than previously.

Post-rock introspection, blackgaze depth, hateful blasting, depressive melodies, and driving guitars are only some of the examples of what you’ll find on this album. It’s all wrapped up in an atmospheric black metal framework that’s engaging and well-crafted. The music is comprehensive and rich; it’s well-written and delivered, with the right amount of emotive delivery sewn into the fabric of its being.

Drawn into Descent’s latest release is a highly enjoyable slice of emotive darkness. I enjoyed the band’s past work, but they’ve really stepped up to the challenge of album number two and done themselves proud. Very, very good stuff.

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