Drawn into Descent – Drawn into Descent (Review)

Drawn into DescentDrawn into Descent are an atmospheric black metal band from Belgium and this is their debut album.

Full of sombre sounds and dark moods, this is 46 minutes of obscure, atmospheric music.

The music contains a huge helping of depressive black metal and makes good use of forlorn, sorrowful melodies. Post-rock influences can also be felt, giving the album a post-black metal feel in places. Combined with the blackened core of the band these influences make for music that’s rich, textured, and layered with emotive presence.

The songs on this release create mood and atmosphere with ease, a big part of which is the aforementioned melodies that the band employ. Drawn into Descent clearly understand how best to incorporate these into their songs, mixing in post-rock elements naturally to create a sound that has plenty of depth and substance. It should also be noted that the band aren’t adverse to a bit of speed and aggression now and again, but even this is tinged with sadness and loss.

The singer’s voice hovers somewhere between a traditional blackened scream and the hoarser shriek of the depressive style. He sounds good, and I like what he brings to the material.

The production is solid and effective, allowing the band the space they need to move within the mists of darkness in which they operate.

Overall this is a very strong and emotive album, taking enough of the depressive black metal style to assault the listener with deep emotion, but not too much so as to overwhelm them with it, as some purely depressive bands can sometimes do. Drawn into Descent get the balance of sub-genres right, and this is a very enjoyable listen.

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