Cripple Bastards – La Fine Cresce da Dentro (Review)

Cripple Bastards - La Fine Cresce da DentroCripple Bastards are an Italian grindcore band and this is their seventh album.

2014’s Nero in Metastasi was not only a top quality grindcore release, but one that I’ve frequently returned to over the years.

La Fine Cresce da Dentro contains 18 tracks of venom and anger. Combining grindcore, hardcore, and punk, along with the occasional lashing of death metal, these songs are short, violent, and filled with hateful aggression.

For songs that are as, (mostly), brief and nasty as these, the band do understand the need for a bit of variety in their attack. As such, they inject a good array of other elements and a strong diversity of chaotic deliveries into the fray as they tear through the 29-minute playing time. Different energetic paces can be heard, along with snatches of melody here and there. Sometimes the band’s death metal side comes more to the fore, while at others it’s a frenzied d-beat or furious punk assault. Each song is different, and each has its barbed delights.

The music is memorable and filled with sharp hooks and blasting catchiness. There’s a raw savagery here that reeks of frenetic energy, and this is effectively channelled into songs that take no prisoners and show no mercy.

The vocals are as rabidly performed as ever. Delivering a range and depth of violence, I do so enjoy the singer’s performance. It genuinely sounds like the band have about five or six different vocalists.

This new album has a few more influences from the band’s earlier days than Nero in Metastasi. I suppose if you combine that previous album with something like the band’s 2000 release Misantropo a Senso Unico, then you’ll get a good feel for the type of visceral nastiness that La Fine Cresce da Dentro offers up.

The seventh album from Cripple Bastards, a band that have been terrorising the airwaves for 30 years, demonstrates in no uncertain terms that the band have lost none of their power or force. La Fine Cresce da Dentro is a lesson in grindcore by masters of the genre.

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