Endorphins Lost/Osk – Split (Review)

Endorphins Lost OskEndorphins Lost are from the US and Osk are from Canada. They have teamed up for this short and savage grindcore split.

Endorphins Lost give us four tracks of barely contained rage lasting around just as many minutes.

The music is solid and violent, taking a crusty hardcore approach to grind. Each of the tracks assaults the listener with a healthy amount of groove and bite, alongside some mandatory blasting, of course.

The singer is definitely more hardcore than grindcore, and he provides a lot of belligerent attitude to the scathing music.

Harsh and deadly like a coordinated strike, the songs hit the mark nicely. I’ve never encountered Endorphins Lost before, but it seems that they play powerviolence that’s very enjoyable.

Osk are up next with three tracks of sonic violence, with a four-minute duration.

Similar to Endorphins Lost, but with their own take on the style, Osk’s powerviolence isn’t lacking in destructive groove amidst the necessary faster beats. These songs are short and nasty crust-fuelled grindcore that take a hardcore punk intensity into their makeup and use this to fuel the energetic tracks.

The singer’s voice is a throat-shredding raw scream that I imagine can strip paint at 100 paces.

Like Endorphins Lost, Osk have made a good impression.

This is the kind of short and to the point split release that’s good violent fun. Check it out.

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