Within Destruction – Deathwish (Review)

Within Destruction - DeathwishThis is the third album from Slovenian death metal/deathcore band Within Destruction.

Within Destruction’s second album Void was one that made a notable impact. Here we had an album that did deathcore right; blistering death metal extremity coupled with huge slamming deathcore beatdowns, all delivered in a modern package of brutality and carnage. Top stuff.

As such, I’ve been looking forward to this one. There’s 37 minutes of material on this album, and apart from the usual pointless intro/outros that most bands of this ilk feel compelled to include on their records, I’m more than happy with what I’m presented with.

This is high quality deathcore that’s learned from the extreme brutality of death metal’s finest. Or, think of this as nastily heavy death metal that’s taken lessons from deathcore’s energy and huge, grooving riffs. If you care about labels, then pick whatever suits you best, just as long as you let Deathwish’s crushing grooves and blistering blast beats move you; if you don’t, you’ll probably get moved, so thunderously and brutishly compelling is this music.

As well as all of the usual ingredients you’d expect for something like this, there’s also some nice touches, flourishes, and ideas strewn across the playing time. These all add a little something extra to draw the listener in, at least before the next slamming smack to the face comes roaring out of the speakers to demolish your head.

Amidst the heavier, more extreme and violent side of the faceless deathcore and modern death metal hordes, Within Destruction have somehow managed to set themselves aside and above most of their peers. How? I’m not 100% sure, to be honest. On the surface of it there’s not much here to truly differentiate this band from countless others. However, it’s undeniable, (to me at least), that Within Destruction have something special going on, some innate quality to the songwriting, delivery, and performance that simply means they’re waaay better than most. For me, Within Destruction are up there with Infant Annihilator and Analepsy as kings of this sort of music, and long may they reign.

Death metal, slam, and deathcore brutality has been mashed up into something devastatingly effective on this album. I couldn’t be happier, despite how battered and bruised I am.

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