Silver Talon – Becoming a Demon (Review)

Silver Talon - Becoming a DemonThis is the debut EP/mini-album from US heavy metallers Silver Talon.

Do you remember Spellcaster? You should do – Night Hides the World was a great record. Why do I bring it up here? Only because Silver Talon features these same talented gentlemen producing some very tasty new music for us to lap up.

Yep, we get 31 minutes of Silver Talon here – an intro and outro, a Sanctuary cover, (with Jeff Loomis guesting, no less), and five originals.

Silver Talon manage to achieve that enviable feat of bridging the old-school and the new. This is traditional heavy metal with a cutting modern edge somehow included. This could be paradoxical in some ways, but isn’t; there’s more old-school here than anything, although the production values are pure 2018. So yes, Silver Talon have a different emphasis to Spellcaster. Whereas Spellcaster were more of a blend of old and new, Silver Talon concentrate more on what made classic heavy metal so infectiously moreish. Anyway, when the quality of finish is so good, who cares what school this is from.

Sharp, bright, and full of energetic riffs and blinding choruses, these songs are very enjoyable. Catchy and memorable, as well as being full of hooks, this is quite delicious heavy metal, the likes of which you don’t tend to encounter too much in 2018. I suppose it depends where you look, but this is a cut above most in terms of quality and potential longevity.

With well-written songs, great performances, and a total package that screams quality, Silver Talon have arrived. If you’re into your traditional heavy metal, then I insist you check this out.

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