Ill Omen/Slaughtbbath – Pestilential Hierophanies – Split (Review)

Ill Omen SlaughtbbathIll Omen is a one-man Black Metal project from Australia and Slaughtbbath are a Black Metal band from Chile. Teaming up for this split release, they each offer one track.

Ill Omen’s contribution is up first and is the longer of the two tracks at 8 minutes in length.

The song starts slowly, with an understated menace, before atmospheric guitars kick in. The track slowly unfolds, gradual in its exploration of occult evils. Building and building, Whited, Pestilent Sepulchre… creates dark atmospheres and malevolent auras, until it can build no more and about the halfway mark shifts up a gear, giving vent to its thus-far restrained violence.

This eventually fully breaks, turning into an orgy of violent aggression, blast beats and maniacal guitar solos. Finally, the track plays us out with a ritualistic aura and chanted cleans paving the way for us to Hell. Or, at least, Slaughtbbath, who are up next.

Slaughtbbath’s song is named Inverted Hierophany and is 6 minutes of more conventionally evil Black Metal.

With some good riffs and savage screams, Slaughtbbath may not have the otherworldly malevolence of Ill Omen, but instead they boast a stronger recording and a more traditional approach to the genre that pays dividends.

Simple and ominous, the song makes a good impression and is quite enjoyable. The band show that they have a firm grip on what makes an effective groove as well as effective blast beats; Inverted Hierophany does its job well.

This is a strong split featuring two good songs representing different aspects of the same style, complementing each other well.

Check this out.


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