Unfelled – Pall of Endless Perdition (Review)

Unfelled - Pall of Endless PerditionThis is the debut album from Unfelled, an international black metal band.

Pall of Endless Perdition contains 36 minutes of black metal and is brought to us by current and ex-members of Woods of Desolation, Drudkh, Windswept, Ill Omen, and Temple Nightside. Continue reading “Unfelled – Pall of Endless Perdition (Review)”

Ill Omen – The Grande Usurper (Review)

Ill OmenIll Omen is a one man Australian black metal band and this is his latest EP.

Having enjoyed Ill Omen’s split with Slaughtbbath, it’s great to catch up with the latest work from this occult act. Continue reading “Ill Omen – The Grande Usurper (Review)”

Ill Omen/Slaughtbbath – Pestilential Hierophanies – Split (Review)

Ill Omen SlaughtbbathIll Omen is a one-man Black Metal project from Australia and Slaughtbbath are a Black Metal band from Chile. Teaming up for this split release, they each offer one track.

Ill Omen’s contribution is up first and is the longer of the two tracks at 8 minutes in length.

The song Continue reading “Ill Omen/Slaughtbbath – Pestilential Hierophanies – Split (Review)”