Birds in Row – We Already Lost the World (Review)

Birds in RowBirds in Row are a French post-hardcore band and this is their second album.

Birds in Row play a form of post-hardcore that blends abrasive hardcore and punk influences, with angular noise/post-rock and experimental elements to form music that’s highly textured and filled with strong emotions.

This is a band that have aggression in spades, but there’s more than just that here. There’s an emotional core to the music that can sound quite vulnerable and fragile on occasion, despite how unfriendly and savage most of the tracks can be. When these two aspects of the band’s persona merge then their output can be surprisingly atmospheric and affecting. An initial, rough description for anyone new to the band would be a mix of Converge and Norma Jean, but this is only a starting reference point.

There’s a good diversity of delivery across the 34 minutes of music here too, with moments of indie, noise rock, and post-rock interspersed into the violent hardcore and rhythmic punk. Melodic aspects enhance and colour the emotional intensity of the raging music, helping to push the band further in their quest to produce engaging songs.

A well-rounded and multifaceted collection of modern hardcore songs, We Already Lost the World should be listened to by anyone that’s into emotionally-charged heavy music.

Very highly recommended.

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