Cyclopean Blood Temple – Unholy Union (Review)

Cyclopean Blood TempleCyclopean Blood Temple are a grindcore band from the US and this is their debut EP.

If vicious, grim grind/hardcore is your thing, then you should definitely check out Unholy Union.

The music on this EP is chaotic and dark, fusing atypical hardcore with blackened dissonance and brutal grinding hatred. Listening to Cyclopean Blood Temple is like being swamped by a malignant maelstrom of chaotic energies and malevolent sentience. Something here wishes you a very real harm.

Bleakly forging an ugly sludge metal side that sits alongside the blackened grind and shrouded death metal monster that lies at the heart of what Cyclopean Blood Temple do, the band’s violent hardcore influences mean that somehow the underlying structures that prop up this insane mess of heaviness are never quite fully obscured. Belligerent, filthy, and rabid this may be, but at its very centre lies a controlling intelligence that knows how to wreak maximum violence to great effect.

A highly recommended listen for anyone that enjoys the most severe forms of aural punishment.

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