Destroyer of Light – Hopeless (Review)

Destroyer of LightDestroyer of Light are a doom metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

This 18-minute EP is comprised of two songs, both of which thrill and delight with their rich and immersive take on doom metal.

The band fuse meaty riffs with surprisingly ethereal melodies. Traditional doom metal and stoner doom elements combine to create slow, long songs, filled with gloom and woe. Exactly what you would want from this type of doom metal, to be honest.

These songs are draped in sinister and ominous vibes, with swirling, absorbing melodies delicately wrapped around despondent, heavy guitars. They’re well-written and demonstrate a band with a good understanding of the style they play.

The singer has a charismatic, commanding deliver. His powerful cleans drip with emotion, sailing atop the music like a streak of light set against a backdrop of darker waters.

The name of the EP may accurately portray the emotional state of the music, but it certainly doesn’t inform about the band’s delivery. Destroyer of Light are anything but hopeless, and this release bodes very well for their next album.

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