Feto in Fetus – From Blessing to Violence (Review)

Feto in FetusThis is the third album from Feto in Fetus, a Polish grindcore band.

Here we have 18 tracks of brutal deathgrind; 34 minutes of savage, nasty extremity.

The songs are short and belligerent, mixing grindcore aggression with death metal muscularity very well. Feto in Fetus know how to write songs that have enough of both worlds to satisfy fans of instant gratification brutality, as well as anyone looking for something a bit more meaty and substantial to go with their ferocity.

The death metal side of the band acts as a cruel jailer, restraining the unhinged madness of the grindcore side. Into this strained relationship occasionally comes a visitor from the outside to deliver huge slamming riffs and beatdowns, causing utter destruction and devastation. The band actively and deliberately encourage this, of course.

Feto in Fetus manage the various aggressive aspects of their sound very well across these tracks, and From Blessing to Violence delivers a lot of enjoyable material for anyone into grindcore, death metal, and slam. These tracks are brutality incarnate, mixing the various sub-genres with ease, and delivering short and vicious tracks that do exactly what you’d want them to do.

With a strong, beefy production and a singer who is quite proficient in growls, screams, and pig squeals, From Blessing to Violence has lots to offer fans of ugly, barbaric, violent music.

Give this a listen, but be prepared to get spattered in blood when you do.

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