Midas Fall – Evaporate (Review)

Midas FallMidas Fall are a UK ambient post-rock band and this is their fourth album.

The music of Midas Fall is a thing of shimmering, ethereal beauty, replete with resonant emotion and resplendence.

Midas Fall’s sound is one of electronica, strings, and synths mixed with progressive, alternative, and post-rock. The band create such luscious, rich soundscapes that you can easily fall into their music and never return, lost in their sumptuous, multi-faceted depths forever.

The songs on Evaporate are heavily atmospheric and filled with an undertone of Gothic darkness that’s hard to deny. Evocative and highly affecting, the songs are emotive and full of the type of beauty that can actually become disturbing on occasion.

The rich tapestry that the music creates demands a singer of equal merit and weight, and thankfully Midas Fall are not lacking in this department. The vocals are just as gorgeous and captivating as the music, and the singer’s voice is exquisitely delivered. Her performance is flawless.

Midas Fall have crafted captivating and immersive music with Evaporate, and this is an album that’s extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Highly recommended.

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