Skinned – Shadow Syndicate (Review)

SkinnedSkinned are a death metal band from the US and this is their fifth album.

Here we have the latest release from this veteran band; 39 minutes of brutal death metal that’s not without moments of melody or macabre atmosphere.

This is brutal, aggressive music to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. Fuelled by blast beats and punishing grooves, Skinned know how to pen a good tune as well as pile on the sheer brutality. Melody is used well to highlight certain parts, or to add colour or emphasis, while the heavy riffs and furious rhythms do their damage. There’s even the occasional surprise here and there, such as an atmospheric section, for example, which serves to enhance the band’s overall delivery and add flavour to the music.

Skinned have obviously learned a thing or two throughout their career, and both the songwriting and musicianship is at a high standard. The technical aspects of the songs work with them rather than trying to overwhelm, and everything is essentially geared towards snapping necks and breaking bones.

I like the singer’s voice a lot, and he shows a good range. His growls are quite varied, ranging from very guttural to more of a shouted-growl delivery, while his screams are serrated and deadly. Very nice.

With a thick, muscular, punchy production, this is a solid and reliable slab of death metal.

A recommended listen.

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