Strangle Wire – Shaped by Human Frailty (Review)

Strangle Wire - Shaped by Human FrailtyStrangle Wire are a death metal band from Northern Ireland and this is their debut album.

It seems like a very long time since Strangle Wire treated us to their enjoyable debut EP The Dark Triad. Has this early promise been realised on Shaped by Human Frailty‘s 34 minutes?

It has indeed.

Shaped by Human Frailty contains eight brutal songs, (and an interlude), that showcase Strangle Wire’s brand of death metal in very favourable terms.

The songs are well-written and demonstrate a strong grasp of dynamics and structuring. There is a balance between faster aggression and mid-paced groove, with thundering riffs and crushing intensity never far away. Melodic highlights accentuate and bring mood and atmosphere, while not losing any of the band’s inherent hostility. With monstrous power do Strangle Wire destroy the opposition, yet within the carnage lurks a nuanced and considered approach to songwriting. This is a band that know how to write death metal, who know when to strike with lethal force, and who know when to hold back and build malevolent atmosphere.

This is an exemplary slab of classic 90s-influenced death metal that’s delivered with contemporary skill and a timeless finesse. Shaped by Human Frailty is an expression of pure death metal potency. Each of the songs has been impeccably crafted into an efficient and effective killing machine.

Shaped by Human Frailty is a very impressive debut album that’s hugely enjoyable. Strangle Wire have exceeded their early promise. If you’re a fan of the classic death metal style then this is mandatory listening.

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