Above Aurora – Path to Ruin (Review)

Above AuroraAbove Aurora are a Polish black metal band and this is their latest EP.

Above Aurora play black metal laced with venom and swirling with dark energies. This release contains three songs with a total duration of 17 minutes, and should appeal to those that like their black metal to have a nuanced, mid-paced approach to spreading darkness.

The songs slither and crawl through the playing time, rarely building up real pace and instead mainly opting for a slower/mid-paced delivery that seems to accentuate the infernal qualities the music has. Dissonant riffs slide over each other with disturbing fluidity, and the guitars seem to somehow shine with a dark inner glow as they go about their nefarious tasks.

Opting for a largely dissonant, atmospheric, and doom-influenced version of black metal, there are some second wave influences that can be heard too, with the latter forming a base of sorts that the other elements build on.

When the vocals appear, (they are absent from the first track), they reveal themselves to be deeper than the black metal norm. The singer’s voice is a blackened roar, full of throaty aggression and surely heralding grim tidings for all.

Path to Ruin is a release that grows on you like an unpleasant infection, one that you can’t help but pick at and scratch.

A recommended listen; check it out.


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