Neolithic – Cult of Ignorance (Review)

NeolithicNeolithic are a US death metal/crust band and this is their latest EP.

Mixing classic d-beat crust with the uglier side of death metal, this is 8 minutes of pitch-black fury and aggression.

Firmly influenced by old-school extremity, particularly bands such as Napalm Death and Brutal Truth, these influences have been dragged mercilessly into the modern age, resulting in a hybrid approach to brutality that’s as enjoyable as it is effective. The band are essentially a ragged, filthy death metal band, but one that has some obvious crust/hardcore influences too. This makes for a very satisfyingly nasty listen, one that I can’t stop listening to.

The brief songs batter and bruise with ease, providing a relentless beating to anyone foolish enough to get in their way. Harsh growls and serrated screams tear through the music, while the heavy distortion of the guitars threatens to crush all in their path. Although not a melodic band as such, they do still use melody here and there to sharpen the delivery where necessary.

With only three brief songs, this EP firmly leaves me wanting more. I absolutely cannot wait to hear what Neolithic unleash next; if it’s even half as good as this, it’ll still be worth checking out. The band’s only other release is a split with Martyrdöd, so I’ll have to go and get acquainted with this now for my Neolithic fix until they grace us with more material.

Very highly recommended.

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