Buried Above Ground – The Crown (Review)

Buried Above GroundBuried Above Ground are a US metalcore/deathcore band and this is their new album.

The Crown is a 30-minute slab of brutality, full of punishing grooves, heavy breakdowns, and savage vocals; NWOAHM-meets-deathcore, with added electronic/keyboard enhancements.

Taking influence from a mix of bands such as Thy Art Is Murder, Carnifex, Winds of Plague, and Lamb of God, as well as some elements of Behemoth, Buried Above Ground have produced a collection of songs that seem born for the live environment. They’re high-energy metallic beasts; metalcore/deathcore hybrids that largely, (but not exclusively), focus on the more aggressive side of the modern metal rulebook.

Other musical aspects and ideas appear across the album though, including moments of atmosphere and introspection. Admittedly, these have largely been put in place to ensure that the heavier parts sound even heavier when they inevitably surface, but their inclusion still adds another layer to the band’s music, and helps to increase the diversity of delivery on offer.

The band obviously love what they do, and the songs reflect this, and they’re largely effective at what they do. I think with a few songwriting tweaks and improvements to allow their own collective personalities to shine through even more, the band could develop quite nicely in the future.

For now though, The Crown is still an enjoyable way to spend 30 minutes if you want to feel pumped up and ready to destroy. Check this out and give it a spin.

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