Bloodmoon – Supervoid Trinity (Review)

BloodmoonBloodmoon are a progressive doom/sludge band from the US and this is their second album.

Here we have 47 minutes of progressive doom metal, played well, and delivered with misanthropic glee and darkness in abundance.

This is music that takes a doom metal base and merges with with sludge. It doesn’t stop there, however, as it also weaves aspects of black metal into it here and there, as well as elements of jazz, psychedelic, and progressive/post- rock. As you can imagine, this makes for an expansive and well-rounded release, one that draws its influences into an apocalyptic collection of music that’s as bleakly expressive as it is hideously effective.

The expansive songs are emotive and expressive, succeeding in drawing the listener in through force of quality songwriting and worldbuilding, rather than the more obvious charms that they might have exhibited. Each of these tracks exists as its own entity, yet is intrinsically linked with and flows into the other. This is why there are actually two versions of this album, one that’s split into three parts, and one that consists of a single lengthy song. My preference, as always, is for the latter, but the broken up version is ultimately just as effective.

The music is highly atmospheric and rich, while still having plenty of bite where it needs it. Full of good writing which concentrates on pacing, dynamics, and emotive depth, this is forward-thinking extreme metal that takes from the past to fuel trips to the future.

This is music created by a band that may be fully cognisant of what their peers and heroes are doing/have done, but nonetheless have managed to largely spread out into their own domain. This has resulted in an album that has its own character and personality, and is full of layers, depth, substance, and plenty of colossal weight.

Ye gods, what an album! Enough words, just listen. Listen, and be floored.

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