Reprisal – None Survive the Sun (Review)

ReprisalThis is the debut album from Reprisal, a death/thrash metal band from the UK.

This is 54 minutes of ripping death/thrash. It’s not without its depth either, as the band incorporate some choice progressive tendencies in their sound too. This justifies the length of the album, as the songs take the time to explore where they need to, offering a substantial and engaging journey to the listener.

Reprisal boast a tight, modern sound that nonetheless also shows off their roots, resulting in a timeless delivery that can, (and should), be embraced my a wide slice of the metal public. The band certainly take from their influences as necessary, learning from the masters that came before them, but also channel this into songs with their own personalities, making a stake in the future rather than simply trying to recreate past glories.

The band’s songs fuse technical death metal with fast and furious speed/thrash metal to produce music that focuses on enjoyable songs, rather than being brutal or intricate just for the sake of it. These latter two components certainly have their place in Reprisal’s sound, of course, but never to the detriment of the overall song structure.

Death metal’s inherent muscular might is mixed with sharp, scrappy thrash metal riffs. Reprisal’s songs are mainly cut from a thrash metal base structure, but then elements of death metal are hammered in place to produce something quite formidable. Add to this the aforementioned progressive qualities too, and you have a very enticing and satisfying proposition.

None Survive the Sun is a compelling and enjoyable listen, blending old-school and new- into something very well-realised. Highly recommended.

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