Ifernach – Maqtewek Nakuset (Review)

IfernachThis is the second release from Ifernach, a one man Canadian black metal act.

Taking influence from the classic second wave sound and injecting it not only with a savage, feral character, but a nuanced, nature-inspired atmospheric one too, this release is 30 minutes of unforgiving raw black metal.

Much like nature, this is music that’s both harsh and beautiful. Although it definitely has an aggression and blackened disdain that’s the style’s birthright, it’s also effortlessly emotive and atmospheric.

With the kind of raw, underground production and delivery that will no doubt send fans of polished and pristine music running for cover, the recording of Maqtewek Nakuset enhances rather that detracts from its contents. This is, after all, born of the underground, and revels in delivering music that has a real heart and soul that no production could fully hide.

The music is well-written and effortlessly enjoyable if you’re a fan of this kind of thing. There’s a sincere honesty and authenticity here that’s quite disarming, and this is clearly music that means something, that’s been crafted for a purpose, rather than just being written for the sake of needing some new material to sell. Ifernach’s passion comes through in every aspect of this release, whether it’s the affecting keyboards, the simple-but-effective guitars, the pummelling drums, or the charismatic shrieks.

The malevolently emotive atmospheres that these songs create are completely absorbing. This really is a compelling release, and I can’t recommend this highly enough.

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