Akrotheism – The Law of Seven Deaths (Review)

Akrotheism - The Law of Seven DeathsAkrotheism are a Greek black metal band and this is their second album.

I enjoyed 2014’s Behold the Son of Plagues, but it seems like quite a while since that release was unveiled to the world. Well, it has been I suppose.

This is occult, orthodox black metal with an experimental, dissonant edge. Violent and ferocious, yet murky and esoteric, this is music to tear things in half to, while also getting lost in this strange mist that seems to appear whenever you listen to it. The mist also seems too alive for comfort.

Atmospheric and dark, we get a good variety of styles, layers, and moods spread out over the album’s 56-minute running time. Acoustic, ambient, and introspective enhancements are all handled well, as is the ominous atmosphere and visceral violence that make up the bulk of the output. Sometimes the album feels ritualistic and hypnotic, while at others raw and grim and nasty. The Law of Seven Deaths is claustrophobic and feels shrouded in an obscure miasma of death and mystery.

There’s a diverse mix of vocal styles used, everything including spoken word, various cleans, screams, shouts, and chants of all descriptions make it into the songs at one point or another. It comes across as if there’s about five or six singers all contributing, but there seems to be only one.

The Law of Seven Deaths is not an album for casual listening, or even casual black metal fans. It keeps its secrets to itself, and jealously guards its blackened delights. Persevere, however, and you will be rewarded.

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