Enoquian – Llamas de Gloria Primera (Review)

EnoquianThis is the debut album from Argentinian black metal band Enoquian.

Llamas de Gloria Primera contains 39 minutes of enjoyably raw second wave-influenced black metal.

You can hear elements of blackthrash in some parts of the band’s delivery, which lends the music an extra nasty bite to its attack. This also adds to the slightly chaotic edge that these songs have, which simply increases the enjoyment to be had when listening to the album; a safe and sanitised black metal release this is not.

Melody is used well in the songs, but not overly so. It’s used as a highlight where necessary, rather than being a key component of Enoquian’s sound.

Occasionally the band’s focus shifts slightly into darker, more atmospheric waters. Although not a huge part of their style, it’s a satisfying change of pace when this occurs and they execute these parts well.

The band’s singer has a deep rasping voice, and his performance marks him as someone who obviously puts a lot of himself into his delivery. He’s a passionate and committed focal point for the band’s musical assault.

If raw and evil old-school daemonic mayhem is your thing, then you should definitely check this out. Llamas de Gloria Primera is a satisfying slice of blackened hatred.

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