Genocide Pact – Order of Torment (Review)

Genocide PactGenocide Pact are a US death metal band and this is their second album.

This is heavy, crushing death metal, played in the old-school style with nods towards bands like Bolt Thrower, Incantation, and Dismember.

If you’ve a taste for riff-tastic death metal then look no further, as Genocide Pact pack so many meaty riffs into these songs you’ll be full for a month.

Although there is a lot of old-school mid-paced and slow delivery, the music does get faster in places. Blast beats appear here and there, but these are not the band’s favoured mode of attack. This approach works well for them too, and they’ve crafted some enjoyable songs on Order of Torment.

These tracks are not without their melodic moments either, as macabre melodies occasionally rear up through the heaviness, adding a grim colour to the band’s chunky distortion.

The singer’s deathgrowl is deep and satisfying. His is a pitch-black and cavernous delivery that seems to swallow all light. I very much like his voice.

I find that a well-recorded, well-performed, and well-written album of this sort tends to grow on you the more you listen to it. Genocide Pact remind me of Gatecreeper in more than one way; both bands assault the listener using similar methods, and both bands have an old-school appeal that simply grows with time.

Highly recommended.

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