Rotting Kingdom – Rotting Kingdom (Review)

Rotting KingdomRotting Kingdom are a death/doom metal band from the US. This is their debut EP.

This EP contains 24 minutes of bleak, despondent metal. Rotting Kingdom’s music is grim and mournful, with a darkness of delivery that comes through in everything they do.

There’s a firm melodic edge to the band’s music, providing an emotive foundation that the rest of the music is able to build on. The infectious guitar leads are quite prominent and important to Rotting Kingdom’s music; they don’t define the band’s material, but they do provide an easy focus for the listener’s initial attention. There’s also somewhat of a galloping classic metal influence to them in places, which is most welcome.

Although the band can certainly play slow and heavy, the songs on this EP make use of multiple speeds. The band pick up the pace when they need to, but even here the music is imbued with a sense of despair, albeit an energetic one. We even get some blast beats on the final song, which help to develop some of the subtle black metal influences that can be detected in the band’s material here and there.

The music is textured and well-developed. There are plenty of good riffs, and I like the various flourishes and ideas that the band include in the tracks to add extra interest or appeal.

The band’s singer has a good voice for this kind of work, with his deathgrowls sounding quite low and gritty. I also like his higher screams, as these sound quite savage.

Although dark and undeniably old-school in certain aspects of delivery, Rotting Kingdom remind me of Doomed in some ways as both bands manage to give a well-worn style an injection of individuality. Both also provide death/doom music that may be rooted in the old-school, but has found ways to update the core of the style for the present day.

I highly recommend you check out this EP. I really enjoyed it and Rotting Kingdom are definitely a band to keep an eye on if you like this kind of music.

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