Estuarine – Sic Erat Scriptum (Review)

EstuarineEstuarine is a one-man death metal project from the US. This is his third album.

Sic Erat Scriptum is the ambitious follow up to 2015’s equally ambitious Lucid/Entheogen.

This is not your standard death metal. Experimental, progressive, psychedelic, technical, avant-garde, and atmospheric, this is 61 minutes of challenging, brutal music.

Estuarine’s extreme metal combines all of the aforementioned styles and qualities into music that’s an eclectic and textured listen. Enhancing itself with multiple strains of extreme metal lethality, from the aforementioned death metal sub-styles, to savage outbursts of grindcore and cold, venomous black metal. Sic Erat Scriptum is nothing if not a compelling journey through extreme metal’s rich and varied landscape.

Creative and expressive, I love how the music can go from scathing hyper-aggression one moment to soft, soothing atmospherics the next. Twisted and chaotic, but never messy or uncontrolled, this really is an impressive piece of work.

With a sound that’s both dense and sprawling, the music unfolds at a frenetic pace, carving up its influences into thin strips and threading them together with the skill of an artisan.

If you imagine a mix of Mithras, Death, Suffocation, Spawn of Possession, and Morbid Angel at their most adventurous, you’ll have a reasonable starting point for Esturine’s sound. However, and this should be firmly stressed; this doesn’t even come close to the full story, and Sic Erat Scriptum is much more varied and diverse than this simplistic description.

Lovers and explorers of extreme metal’s outer fringes are highly advised to investigate this as a priority.

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