No Funeral – Mankind Is Carrion, Fit for Nothing (Review)

No FuneralThis is the latest EP from US sludge metal band No Funeral.

Having been introduced to No Funeral through their very enjoyable split with Livid, I’m pleased to now have this new EP to get to know them a bit more.

If you’re into this kind of thing then it’s easy to enjoy No Funeral’s brand of antagonistic, misanthropic sludge. Filled with doom’s misery and sludge’s infected bite, this is dark and visceral music, covered in sickening grime, ugly malevolence, and old hate.

The band have an ear for a good riff, pouring tar over it until it gets to the requisite level of sludgy heaviness. Underneath the murk you can detect traditional doom metal influences in some of these riffs too, which is a welcome thing to hear when combined with this kind of malignant sludge delivery.

The venomous vocals are delivered with throat-shredding passion and intensity. Here’s a man that doesn’t care that his screams might herald the end of the world.

The version of the EP that I have, (it doesn’t seem to be on all versions), also contains a scathing version of Black Flag’s My War. Top stuff.

This music is gloriously raw and underground, but, (importantly), with the potential to transcend this to the next level due to how good No Funeral are at what they do. If a band as wonderfully heavy and nasty as Primitive Man can get wider exposure, interest, and backing from larger labels/press/metal public, then there’s hope for a band like No Funeral too.

Highly recommended.

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