Estuarine – Wisdom of Silenus (Review)

Estuarine - Wisdom of SilenusThis is the latest EP from Estuarine, a one-man death metal band.

I greatly enjoyed both Lucid/Entheogen and Sic Erat Scriptum, so a new EP’s worth of material is most welcome.

This project is death metal with a wide catchment, as the music doesn’t stick religiously to one genre, and always has strong avant-garde/experimental sides too. If this is your first visit to Estuarine’s world, a rough comparison for Wisdom of Silenus would be a technical grinding down and reforging of bands like Strapping Young Lad, Mithras, and Cephalic Carnage, only with added digital mayhem and the occasional stoner riff.

On Wisdom of Silenus the songs are some of the most brutal and concise that the artist has penned, although even here there are non-standard moments, atmospheric asides, and progressive wanderings. Yes, here we have five tracks of atypical extremity, taking elements from black metal, grindcore, progressive metal, and sludge, and forging them into an overarching technical death metal framework. The end result is lively and engaging songs that hit hard, and hold interest. This is music that sounds like a caged whirlwind.

A scathing, hyper-aggressive, and highly engaging new release from Estuarine. Check this out.

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