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One listen to Defecto’s latest release – Nemesis – will have you banging your head and singing along to their infectious metal faster than you can say “stadium-friendly”. It’s an album that’s a very meaty listen, one that will not only satisfy your immediate cravings for something tasty, but will also leave you full and satisfied afterwards.

Main man Nicklas Sonne tells us a bit more about his band, how it came to be, and the beast that is Nemesis…

Who and what are Defecto?

Defecto is a Progressive Heavy Metal band from Denmark, aiming to create a unique style of metal, combining all the individual members favourite sub-metal genres.

How did you form?

Guitarist Frederik Møller and I, Nicklas Sonne, met via a music forum when they were 13 and 14 years old. We shared similar interest in the technical things on the guitar as well as bands (Dream Theater, Metallica, etc). We played together a couple of years, but when I got a call from Producer Jan Langhoff who was collaboration with producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica, Blind Guardian, etc) who believed in the music I made and wanted me to start a band so we could work together, I knew that Frederik was the right one to start a band with, and the rest is history. Flemming and Jans record label never really happened, but that’s another story.

What are your influences?

Our influences are mainly Metallica, Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Adagio, but we like the classical music stuff as well, and have also drawn inspirations from stuff like Slipknot, Trivium, Devin Townsend, Alice Cooper. and Judas Priest.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Alter Bridge

If you had to convince someone to listen to your band, how would you do this?

We’re playing a genre that combines melodies you’ll remember and can sing along to, but at the same time you’re being punched in the stomach with aggressive metal with a lot of layers and depth. It’s the best of different “metal worlds” and both Metallica and Rammstein agreed, when we supported them recently.

Tell us about Nemesis

Nemesis is an album with a very dark attitude. The main theme is about your inner demon, the negative one, the shadow you can’t hide from, despite trying, but is always there to tell you how bad of a person you are.

Defecto Band

How would you say Nemesis compares to your previous work?

Nemesis compares in the way that it’s still the Defecto sound and idea. It’s still grand, huge and has the melodies but still has the progressive and heavy metal stuff in it. It’s still focused lyricwise around my own thoughts, experiences and things in life, so it’s almost a further development of our debut Excluded.

What’s the feedback been like so far?

The feedback has been great. We have gotten many top reviews 10/10’s. Our fans are very happy and we’re getting more and more attention from people all around the world, wanting us to come play and people buying merch CD’s from everywhere.

How do you go about writing and arranging your songs?

We are individuals who write the music by ourselves. I write songs and Frederik writes songs. We bring our done ideas complete with drums, solos and so on, to the band, and we talk back and fourth about further ideas for the songs, and shape them up a bit together.

How did you decide on the order of the tracks?

We decided the order of the tracks in a way so the listener would be told a story, and so the listener would experience an upgoing curve, a down going curve, and then an upgoing curve again, in terms of what’s “mostly crazy to listen to” on the album.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

My own favourite song is the opener and titlesong ‘Nemesis’, because it’s the core of what Defecto is all about and represents my own taste perfectly. It’s aggressive, dark, has good melodies and combines the symphonic elements as well as the insane solo parts and technical prog stuff here and there that I like to implement.


Tell us about the artwork?

The artwork is “me” playing with my own nemesis (my inner demon) about whether he gets to decide on a specific thing or not. The apocalyptic background is just to strengthen the effect of what that inner demon is of. He’s not good. That doesn’t mean I’m an insane person, it just means I’ve had a lot to deal with, and I wanted to represent that in the artwork kinda between the lines.

How important do you think is album artwork these days?

I think it should catch the eye and fit in a specific genre group as good as you can. If I see a picture with techno colours and a smiling woman with a banjo on the cover, I’m just not gonna investigate it further. So I still think it’s just as important, just like a thumbnail on YouTube videos are.

Are you a digital or physical person when it comes to music?

Digital, but if I had the room for a great collection, it would be physical. That’s how we all feel.

Playing live – essential or pointless?

Playing live is the most important thing at all in our genre. If you don’t get out there, you don’t get the following. Sure you can have a one hit that smashes everywhere, but if you don’t follow it up with shows, it’ll die for sure.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

We have a lot of shows upcoming. 35 booked for 2018 so far. We have headline shows in Denmark and are going on Europe tour with a band called Persefone from march 23rd to April 7th, tour plan can be found on our website

What would be your dream tour?

A world tour with Metallica, or a world tour with Dream Theater.

What are your goals for 2018?

We already achieved one. We got signed to a well known booking agency. We’re publishing this soon, so I won’t state the name in this interview just yet. Other than that, we’re hoping to grow an even larger fan base and get our plans for 2019 to be even bigger. We’re also aiming to record our 3rd album this summer.

Any final words?

Be sure to follow us out there, we’re putting up a lot of material often. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on. Thank you, and thank you for interviewing us! 😊

Kind regards,

Nicklas Sonne

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