The Stone – Teatar Apsurda (Review)

The StoneThe Stone are a Serbian black metal band and this is their eighth album.

After an enjoyable 2014 release in Nekroza, The Stone are now back with a further 49 minutes of aggressive black metal. The Stone prefer their black metal dark and sinister, with an atmospheric component that works really well; this album is a great addition to their discography.

The band’s traditional black metal style is enhanced with some more contemporary aspects, albeit ones that are subtly incorporated into their usually scathing sound. Second wave influences are added to not only by these pinches of modern black metal, but also by a few death metal components that are apparent in some of the riffs here and there. This is only a relatively minor part of the band’s sound, but it still adds a muscular component to the music when it appears.

Symphonic elements are used sparingly, highlighting the atmospheric side of the band when they are deployed. Macabre melodies and blackened rhythms power the songs forward, while the singer’s harsh screams strike out form the unfriendly music like blunted, poisoned daggers. The band have an ear for a good riff too.

The songs are well-written and demonstrate the fact that The Stone clearly know what they’re doing at this point in their existence. Bolstered by a strong production that accentuates the band’s strengths, this is an album that sounds good in more ways than one.

Teatar Apsurda is an enjoyable slab of bristling, blackened hatred. I suggest you check it out.

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